Northside Presbyterian Church Wedding

[ Kendall + Marcus ]

Getting Ready – Northside Presbyterian Church Wedding

The day was not too hot, not too cold. The sun was shining without a cloud in sight. It was simply put, the perfect day for a wedding.
I arrived at the church, early as usual, and easily found Kendall in the girls room. They were all busy getting each other wedding; Her and 7 bridesmaids that is. Kendall’s hair was already done and she was relaxing, having a meal before the festivities.

She wore her mothers wedding dress

Kendall decided to wear the same wedding dress her mother did many year before. It came with an underskirt to create the princess gown look. She was assisted by her mother and close friends. She was immediately beaming with excitement when she caught a look of herself in the mirror.

ring and flowers

The Bridal Parties – Northside Presbyterian Church Wedding


The couple decided not to see each other before the ceremony. This is definitely not the norm anymore, but still a older tradition that I love. There is something very special about seeing your loved one for the first time walking down the aisle. I vote for tradition!

I took this opportunity to capture the groom and groomsmen before the wedding ceremony. Of course I took full advantage of having a younger set of groomsmen and had them do some fun group shots. The groom toss was definitely iffy though! These guys were strong and Marcus went FLYING.

groomsmen carring the groom
groomsmen walking


The bride was surrounded by friends and sisters. She had them wear varying shades of blue and purple dresses to match her happily ever after theme.

The Ceremony – Northside Presbyterian Church Wedding

The ceremony was a worship service and union all in one. The bride was escorted by her father, who then served as pastor and officiant as well. It is truly a special opportunity for a father to officiate the wedding of his own daughter. Everyone praised and worshipped. The father of the bride shared some very touching words about his soon to be son. It was a truly beautiful wedding ceremony.

The Reception – Northside Presbyterian Church Wedding

The bride and groom had two receptions. One followed immediately after the ceremony. It was attended by their close friends and family of the church community. They shared their first dances with their parents, as well as each other. Marcus and his mother had my hips moving with the latin beat they chose for their special dance. I love when weddings have their own personal touches like this.

The dances were followed by a general reception. I watched the bride and groom proudly walk around the room and thank everyone for taking part in their special day. Soon after this we got to my favorite part of every wedding, THE BRIDAL PORTRAITS.

The Bridal Portraits – Northside Presbyterian Church Wedding

Behind the church was a cleared area surrounded by tall trees that blocked out the harsh direct sunlight. I took my couple there and found an abandoned platform with a cross. It must have been used in the past but I thought it would make the perfect backdrop for these kids. Marcus was being the most perfect gentleman to his new wife. Helping with her dress and carrying her bouquet when she got tired. The Lord really blessed us with the perfect lighting and backdrop to capture these two.

Their family followed afterwards and took those portraits. Even though we were tight on time, we managed to get all the bridal portraits and family portraits all in under an hour. I was quite pleased with myself to say the least.
Their families were so pleasant to work with!

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