Pine and Oak Place Wedding

[ Ashlyn + Nicolas ]

Pine and Oak Place Wedding – Getting Ready

Sometimes you pray to the Lord for some good weather, and this time he agreed! The day was bright and shiny. I made my way to Pine and Oak Place Wedding Venue and I didn’t even care about the cold weather. I was just so happy that the weather forecast was bright and shiny for the whole day.

wedding ring in bouquet

This venue is akin to being in a botanical garden. It’s covered in hanging trees, blooming florals and wild bushes. It’s very much small and quaint. But it has such a lovely cozy vibe.

I arrived to the venue and met my wonderful bride, Ashlyn. She was busy with her family getting the wedding set up. Ashlyn had a lot of close friends and family that were happy to help perfect her special day.

The Details – Pine and Oak Place Wedding

The wedding details were everything. Ashlyn had envisioned a whimsical wedding with soft pastel colors. I loved the colors and florals that she chose for her bouquet and arch. Her family were making the arches themselves that morning along with the bouquet. They were the perfect color combinations.

Since it was an early wedding party, the details outside had to be taken during the brightest time of the day. It did make taking photos a bit of a challenge. However, they turned out lovely regardless.

Bride and Groom Portraits – Pine and Oak Place Wedding

As with most weddings, the preparations were running behind and that meant that I had less time with the bride. I decided to use that time to grab some grooms portraits. The groom, Nicolas, did not have groomsmen alongside him that day. So I only got him under the shade of the large tree in front of the venue.

I even got this lovely photo of Nicolas with one of their close friends. I will say, it did get the groom to laugh for his portraits. Whatever it takes right? Ha!

As for the bride, her photos had to be taken after the ceremony. But nobody has to know right?

The surrounding foliage against her sheer white dress makes for the PERFECT combination. I couldn’t recommend this venue enough if your style is light and bright like mine! She is just so stunning in these wedding portraits.

The Ceremony – Pine and Oak Place Wedding

Although it was a small intimate ceremony, you could feel the genuine excitement from everyone there. Nicolas and Ashlyn are from Alaska and their friends and family had travelled from all around to be with them. Whether friend or family member, everyone was there to watch them exchange vows.

Ashlyn was ALL smiles throughout the ceremony. I don’t think anything could’ve made the day any better for her.

Bridal Portraits – Pine and Oak Place Wedding

The ceremony was followed by family and friends portraits. Once that was out of the way, we went on to take the bridal portraits. I was so excited for this. I had been scouting the venue beforehand and already knew the kind of shots I wanted for them.

Party Time!

The couple had a lovely reception in the courtyard of the venue. Lunch was a buffet served inside the venue. Her family had beautifully decorated all the tables.

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