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UCF Grad Photos

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UCF Grad Photos Getting your grad photos taken is a right of package. Whether you are a UCF grad or not, it’s an important milestone to capture. You’ve spent all the money and time to get that degree, now flaunt it! I had the pleasure to capture Miss Brianna here. I got to know her […]

A Style Guide for a Picture-Perfect Family Photoshoot: Where to Find the Perfect Outfits and What to Wear.

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Mom and Daughter at Playalinda Beach in Titusville, Florida

Capturing beautiful moments with your loved ones through a family photoshoot is a timeless tradition. Choosing the right outfits for everyone can be a daunting task, but with a little guidance and inspiration from this style guide, you can create a cohesive and visually stunning ensemble for your family. In this style guide, we’ll explore […]

Enchanted Maternity Session

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On an earlier trip to this ‘secret garden’ North of my home, I thought to myself, ‘This would make the perfect location to shoot a maternity session’. The only problem with it is that this particular location requires a bit of walking and the ability to withstand the Florida heat. Which honestly, is not a favorable scenario for any pregnant mother – myself included.

The drive it self to this location requires you to drive by The Kennedy Space Center and Blue Origin. Talk about a fun day and we aren’t even there yet. I always seem to feel a sense of amazement being there.

Styling For Your Photography Session

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Photography Session Styling, how do you do it?
Matching outfits? Pastels? Blue? White? Whatever is CLEAN?!?!

Breathe… In… Out… You got this!

Picking out your family’s clothing for a long overdue family photoshoot can be daunting for some, or just another tedious task for you as the matriarch of the family.

Personally, I think anything is fine as long as everyone has on something clean and there is no major fashion faux-pas, like a neon graphic tee among the other family members in matching whites.
But for those that want to make the most of the experience, there are enough options. Let me take your hand on this journey through styling for a photography session.