Waldorf Astoria Orlando Wedding

[ Kathleen + Christian ]

Rain Rain Go Away

The day didn’t start off as every bride dreams. The weather in Orlando, FL had been very dreary in rainy the entire week. So it came as no surprise when I awoke to clouds and rain the morning of Kathleen and Christians wedding day. I made my way to the Waldorf Astoria Orlando Hotel where the wedding was to take place. This hotel is stunning. The inside has recently changed out all the old warm lighting for bright white lighting. This could not be more perfect since we were forced to remain indoors due the rain. Although my editing style is light and airy and benefits from outdoor scenery, I knew the beautiful lights and style of the hotel would be a wonderful change of pace.

The Details – Waldorf Astoria Orlando Wedding

I headed up with the lead photographer of the day, Mary Likens to begin with detail photos. Regardless of the time constraint, we captured these stunning details. The couple chose a black and white elegant theme and we made a point to incorporate this into the details.

First Look – Waldorf Astoria Orlando Wedding

From this point all, everything did not go as planned. This is not to say that it wasn’t good. The day seemed to have other plans in mind and we simply had to go where the day took us. The plan was to go outdoors with the bride and groom and take the photos there after the first look. Instead, with the help of the event planner, we found a beautiful hallway to have this special moment. The bride and groom were all smiles as their close friends watched on and cheered them on. It was already a rowdy time before the party had even begun.

I personally feel like the indoor setting really complimented the brides choice of black and white as the theme. It was the perfect elegant background for her aesthetic. Personally, I couldn’t get enough of the chandeliers.

From there, the bride and groom took a moment to themselves. Hidden in an empty hotel bar. We set up for the wedding that was moved from outside to a narrow indoor hallway. It was a cozy spot blooming with the brides choice of white florals.

The Ceremony – Waldorf Astoria Orlando Wedding

The bride was preceded by close friends and family down the aisle. She was then escorted down alongside her father. I made sure to capture those special moments before the final walk. The brides’ playlist for the day had all those corny wedding songs we love. I was jamming along reminiscing to my own wedding day. I think we had 90% of the same songs on our playlist too.

white wedding florals
bride and groom kissing down the aisle. Waldorf Astoria Orlando Wedding

Bridal Portraits – Waldorf Astoria Orlando Wedding

The rain had finally ceased and we made sure to head outside. We grabbed one of the brides close friends and headed out to take some outdoor photos. Talk about a relief! The ground was still wet so our brides assistant helped keep the dress off the group as much as possible. Unfortunately, it did still get stained. But I have never seen a dress not get stained or dirtied.

funny wedding photo

The Reception – Waldorf Astoria Orlando Wedding

We made it to the end. The reception hall was large and grand. The room was dimly lit by candles surrounded by the white florals. The sweetheart table was drenched in similar white florals. We captured the stunning scene before the guests started to roll in. Then, the bride and groom waltzed in right into their first dance. This was then immediately followed by the father and daughter dance. As well as the mother and groom dance.

Mary and I noticed that the rain had finally gone and the sky was bright and STUNNING. Mary asked the couple if they wanted to sneak out for a very quick session outside to get the original photos the bride dreamed out. We didn’t make out way back to the golf course again. It would have been too long of a walk. We walked to the nearest spot and captured these last images. I’m so glad Mary asked the bride because the last portraits we captured were everything.

This was one for the books! If you are interested in booking a wedding with me, I’d love to hear from you! You can contact me here. I’m looking forward to being a part of your grand adventure.


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