Top 3 Beaches for Photos on the Space Coast

If you are planning to visit the Space Coast of Florida in the near future and want to get some updated photos, keep reading. If you need photos of your family, partner or just your growing belly bump, than here are the top 3 beaches for photo sessions.

1. Jetty Park Beach – Space Coast

Jetty Park is definitely my number one beach for photography sessions. This beach offers the beautiful ocean views, white sand and tall seagrass bordering dunes. It even has scenic wooden bridges that are abundant with sea grape trees.

I love to bring any and all clients here. It’s perfect for all portrait session needs. And if you have children, there is a play ground near the beach that is perfect to burn off that energy. Or you can use it as a reward for good behavior!

The only drawback of this beach is that you need to pay to enter. Locals can take advantage of the low annual fee, but short stay visitors have to pay per car for each visit. I personally think this is worth the price. Jetty Park also has tons of parking spots available. This is unlike many other parking lots on Cocoa Beach that are extremely limited and stressful to navigate.

2. Hangars Beach – Space Coast

Now, there are many great beaches on the Space Coast from Hangars Beach all the way down to Sebastian Inlet. I don’t think Hangars is supremely better than the rest. However, I simply don’t recommend any of the beaches on Cocoa Beach. Parking is a nightmare, they are more congested with tourists and the beaches are lined by outdated condos. I personally don’t like them in the background of my images. So I avoid that area all together.

Hangars is a great location that I do visit often with clients that live further south than me. It has similar views to Jetty Park, but no dunes. It is also a lot less crowded and I enjoy the solitude this area provides. Finally, no paid parking. Who doesn’t love that?

There are also many surfers that come in the early morning hours that are lovely to watch.

3. Playalinda Beach – Space Coast

This beach has a special place in my heart. It takes a lot of effort to come here. The drive is very long but so breathtakingly scenic. Playalinda Beach provides a lot more solitude and privacy than the rest of the beach along the Space Coast. So if you are more introverted, this could be the best place for you.

Mom and Daughter at Playalinda Beach in Titusville, Florida

Playalinda also has more than ample parking. So you’ll never have to stress about finding a spot. However there is an entrance fee per car, but you can re-enter the park for a week with that same pass. What a win!

If you want to know more about any of these beaches, want to book a session or have a fun memory to share? Leave a message here or comment below 🙂


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