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Considering a beach location for your next photography session? Consider Jetty Park in Cape Canaveral.

Jetty Park Costs

So unlike most beach locations, you will have to pay to enter. This may be a deterrent for an out of towner, however the cost to enter is per vehicle at $15. For Brevard county residents such as myself, it is a yearly fee of $25 per vehicle. Not bad! More information HERE.

I love to come here because it has a large parking lot and always has available parking, unlike MANY beaches along Brevard county. Not being able to find parking is a headache I refuse to give myself.

Jetty Park

Jetty Park Hours of Operation

The park is manned with a security gate and so it does have open and closing hours to contend with. It is open all year round from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. This is normally not a problem apart from in the summer with the sunrise is before 7:00 AM. I like to be at location before or at sunrise, and that is just not possible in the middle of the summer at Jetty Park. However all sunset sessions are very doable here.

Variety in Surroundings

From sand, to rocks to dunes to grape leaf trees, Jetty Park really has a lot to work with! I love to walk my clients in a circle around the area to get a little bit of everything into their session. Lots of different backgrounds means a great variety to choose from. Of course, I always bring a neutral blanket as well so we can mix it up with sitting and standing portraits.

Not convinced?

No problem! I know tons of other great locations in Brevard county and surrounding areas. You can check out my other location reviews here:

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Or just contact me directly at a.dougherty.photography@gmail.com to discuss where to have your next session. I’d love to send you my comprehensive location guide!


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