Hangar Beach Family Photography

Why Hangars Beach is a great location for your family photography session.

Our original family photography session was supposed to take placed the day after Christmas. Which would have been great if the weather forecast hadn’t drastically changed within the week before. What was originally supped to be a cool breeze kind of morning turned into record low temperatures and sleet throughout Brevard County. Now, we had decided to change the date to the next week and I am so glad we did, because it was significantly warmer, yet still cold!

The reason I love this beach for family photography, or any kind of photography, is the fact that there are no condos or high rises nearby.

As much as I love Cocoa Beach, the condos are outdated and an eyesore. I do my best to get great angles that don’t show too much of the ancient buildings. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s just unavoidable. Here, I don’t have to deal with that issue at all.

The beach also has a really nice entrance with an appealing wooden bridge and viewing area that looks over the beach and ocean. It’s surrounded by the sea grape trees, which are a beautiful Florida native plant.

Finally, there are high dunes that border the beach. They block off the view of the main roadway, are stunning and create beautiful depth to the images. It also creates a wonderful shaded area that can come in handy on very sunny days.

hangars beach family photography

In the end, the photos speak for themselves. I’m in love with how all the images turned out. 10/10 I would love to bring my clients here.


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