Family Photos at Rockledge Gardens

The perfect secret garden for portraits and … plants!

I have wanted to have a session at Rockledge Gardens since the first time I stepped foot there. It started with my search for pretty flowers for my home, and ended in an email inquire on their rules.

As soon as I could, I inquired to Rockledge Gardens if they charged a fee to host sessions on their property, and surprisingly they don’t! As long as you come within opening hours, you are free to take any photos you want on the property.

I was so shocked, I even asked again in person the day of this session to make sure. Clearly my anxiety gets the best of me! Ha!

They did however let me know that should I want to shoot during closed hours, there is a cost of $50/ hour starting at closing. My advice for other families who would like to shoot here, is to choose this location during the winter when Golden Hour is closer to 4 pm. In the summertime when sunset is around 7-8 pm, the sun would be uncomfortably bright during their opening hours. Additionally, shooting at midday in the summer is uncomfortably hot.

family of 4 smiling with sunglasses on at rockledge gardens

The Session – Rockledge Gardens

Now, back to this gorgeous family. As I said before, Christina and her family were the first to agree to have their family photos taken at Rockledge Gardens. And they did not disappoint. They were very knowledgeable on the plants and clearly had green thumbs themselves. Their daughters were obsessed with exploring the grounds and made for some stunning candid shots.

Because they also have a wedding venue on the property, they have many stunning arches and back drops that create breathe taking photos for families and couples alike. It’s actually crazy how many beautiful little corners exist there.

I was obsessed with this session. There was no lack for opportunities to get a great photo. Every turn provided something new to capture. However, if you want to learn about more locations that are more beach themed etc, you can check out this post on Hangars Beach or this one! If Cocoa Beach is more your vibe, check out this one!


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