Engagement Session – Emma and Blake

Freshly Engaged – Regular Session turned Engagement Session

Dive into this surprise engagement session with me. I was hired last minute by Emma and Blake to take photos of them on the beach during their vacation. Little did I know that Blake had proposed to her that very week!

Emma and Blake came to Melbourne, Florida to vacation for a week. They drove down from Missouri, so the unusual cold morning was no big deal for them. When we met that morning, I was worried that they would be too uncomfortable with the cold. I myself was completely bundled up while they were dressed for a regular fall day. It turns out that our freezing cold Florida weather was absolutely nothing for these two. Makes me think twice about ever visiting their neck of the woods.

The session

During our session, I found out that Blake had proposed to Emma just a few days beforehand and they were quite freshly engaged at that. That meant I had to change things up to start putting emphasis on her brand new engagement ring!

The engagement ring itself was so stunning! I was so delighted to be able to take their engagement photos, especially since it was so new and fresh to both of them.

Emma had asked for a lot of candid shots and I think we managed to get plenty of those. One of my favorite things to do is to ask my clients to dance! It’s a great way to loosen up, have fun, and get moving. Moving shots are great as they get the hair flowing and the hips swaying.

Although it’s not something I normally do, I created some fun videos of the pictures we got. They were just so adorable, I simply had to! I’m definitely going to keep trying to create these for my future clients. How cute are these?

Despite the colder winds, Emma and Blake exuded a wonderful closeness. They were adorable and the shots speak for themself!

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