A Look Into This Cocoa Beach Family Photography Session

The Calomino Family

It’s the Christmas season and everyone is trying to book their family photography sessions in time to print out holiday cards. I had the pleasure to photograph the Calomino family a few weeks ago. I’m a *little* late at blogging but here it is! This mom and dad did a great job of keeping the kids entertained and didn’t sweat the small stuff when the kids needed some time to play in between formal poses.

I love cocoa beach for family photography, especially Jetty Park. It’s a large beach with many beach access entrances that are scenic and lovely to see. There is an abundance of foliage, greenery, backdrops and fun things to keep kids entertained.

Jetty Park specifically has lots of beautiful spots with sand dunes to ensure variability in your final gallery. Just see for yourself below!

See, mom and dad did a great job here at letting the kids have a moment to relax and play. That means it’s time for me to capture some quick candid shots!

If you’d like to book a cocoa beach family photography session, click HERE to learn more!

There is still time and availability to book your own family portrait session. You don’t have to book exclusively at Cocoa Beach, I know lots of great locations and even have some unused locations that I’d love to try! Perhaps with you?


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