Airplane Engagement Session

Check out this unique airplane engagement session with Connor and (soon to be) Anna Quinn.

Planning the Airplane Engagement Session

Anna and Connor Airplane Engagement Session

It all started with a dm from Anna who shared that she was dreaming of doing an engagement session with her fiancé Connor with an airplane. Connor just got accepted to be a pilot for Delta and she wanted to incorporate this into their save the date photos.

Finding the airplane was surprisingly easy. I called SunState Aviation in Kissimmee, Orlando and they were excited to help us make this plan a reality.

I found the hardest part was finding a date that we both had available. Anna needed the photos to be done soon as they wanted to send out their save the dates in time. However, Connors every changing schedule made it a little tricky to confirm a date, but we did settle on one in the end.

Execution of our Airplane Engagement Session

Our dreams were almost crushed when the weather in Florida that week was constant clouds and rain. We were both diligently checking the weather hoping it would clear up before our big date. Nevertheless, that morning as I was driving from Merritt Island to Kissimmee, it was dark clouds and rain. I was dismayed but hoped that the clouds would clear up long enough for us to snap some useful images.

God is good and he stopped the rain and even let the clouds clear up for a short while for us to get these amazing images. With enough lighting to expose for my subjects, I was able to replace the sky in some of the images. This way I could create my classic light and airy style photos for their session.

I try not to do this often as it’s unauthentic in my opinion. However, because it was mostly cloudy the throughout, I wanted to make this airplane engagement session reflect the original vision we both had.

So what do you think about this unique airplane engagement session? Is this something that you would want in the future? Do you have a unique idea that you want to turn into reality? Let’s chat about it!


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