Surf Session

Meet Bree and Mark

Nothing gets my gears turning more than something I’ve never done before. Bree reached out to me with an idea and a Pinterest board full of surf board inspiration photos. The board was filled with lovers kissing on or around their surf boards. A few even in the water. I couldn’t be more excited to execute the vision for this surf session. And what for? They wanted to capture their 10 years together!

bree and mark surf session on cocoa beach

Bree and Mark were visiting from another state and were able to rent their surf board from Cocoa Beach Surf Company. My only recommendation for the future would be to rent a surfboard without a rudder on the bottom. We had to make sure to be mindful not to break it when repositioning it around in the sand.

Bree showed up in this stunning white beach cover up. It matched the vibe perfectly as we started with the session. You wouldn’t think it, but their 2 daughters were happily playing in the sand just a few feet away. These girls were completely unfazed by their parents posing on the beach.

We then started to spice it up and had Bree remove the white gown to get real beach photos, even in the water. It’s not a surf session unless you actually get in the water and on the surf board. Right?

Overall, this surf session was so much fun to do with the most laid back couple. I’d love to do this again with another couple, or family! Hit me up and leave a message here.


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