Surprise Beach Proposal – [ Thomas + Alison ]

Thinking of popping the question soon? Not sure what to do or how to plan for it? Take a note from these two. Scroll down to see the results from this session.

The big question being asked!

How I captured the perfect surprise beach proposal

Thomas reached out to me a couple months before that special day to be a part of his proposal he planned for Alison. I am always excited to get these sort of inquiries. Proposals are fun, exciting and a little scary!

I told him I was 100% in for this. Thomas wanted to propose to Alison at sunrise on Melbourne Beach, Florida. He had bought her a cute new dress and gifted it the day before. They were staying at the Port d’Hiver Bed and Breakfast in Melbourne Beach, Florida, which directly faces the beach. This was such a great plan as the bed and breakfast is right on the beach making a romantic sunrise stroll an unsuspecting suggestion for a romantic getaway.

The morning of the proposal I was up at 3:00 AM wide awake. I was so excited for this session. There is nothing I want more than for it all to go smoothly and not be late or cause any stress for Thomas in any way.

I was at the beach before the sun was up. My gear was hidden under a blanket and I pretended to be doing morning yoga and stretching. I agreed with Thomas ahead of time to make sure Alison was facing towards me when he popped the question. This way I could have the best view of her reaction. I also made sure to let him know that I would give them space and not approach them until he gave me the okay to come. Nothing ruins the moment faster than a photographer getting in between you and your new fiancé to take pictures while the tears are still rolling.

She said yes!

The question was asked and the answer was a resounding ‘yes’! The couple shared some heartfelt words and hugs as they took in the moment. Funny enough, Alison wished there was someone there to take a picture of them. Thomas then let her know I was right there and getting all the tears! From there I got some beautiful pictures of them to remember their special experience.

The morning started with a little bit of clouds covering the horizon. But after the proposal, they quickly dispered and we were blessed with the most gorgeous and clear sunrise. The sky was a beautiful pink, yellow and blue.

Alison mentioned that they never had professional photos taken of them before. Love that I could take these for them ♥️.

Thinking of popping the question soon? Allow me to capture the moment. Proposals really are my favorite and should be done with you and your loved one in mind. Care to see other proposals? You can find my engagement gallery here. I’ve also worked with Stay Salty Picnics that create beautiful set ups for the perfect planned picnic if that’s more your vibe!

To get in contact, you can reach me here. I’d love to learn more about you and your partner.


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