Colonial Williamsburg

As a foreigner in this country, I admittedly do not know a lot about the history of the country I now call home. My husband teases me on occasion for not know something basic like the 3 forms of government or something like that.

colonial flag on the side of the road
colonial flag

When I realized that our road trip to New Jersey would be bringing us past Colonial Williamsburg, I was beyond excited. I had seen a YouTube video from Safiya about her experience there and from then I knew I would bring my girls there one day. And much sooner than expected that day came.

colonial williamsburg family vacation

Accommodations on site

Colonial Williamsburg has hotels on site that makes visiting really easy and accessible. Our hotel room was a short walk away from the main museum area. The room itself was very large and our admission tickets were included in the rate. So it was a no brainer!

The Beauty

The grounds are a photographers dream. The area has been meticulously decorated with beautiful foliage and well maintained buildings. My husband would distract the girls while I had some time for myself to capture the beautiful buildings and gardens.

If I lived in the area of Colonial Williamsburg, I would bring all my clients here for their sessions whenever possible.

Admittedly, my girls were too young to appreciate the experience. If anything they made it harder for my husband and I to learn about the trades and history. But there was one activity they did love, which was playing with the colonial toys!

Who knew smacking a wheel could be so fun?

Trades in action

The first trade we did get to experience early in the morning was farming. We learned that they plant the same crops that the citizens did back then and use the same techniques they did. All the while dressed in the traditional Colonial Williamsburg garb. I appreciated his

Although I wanted to learn about all the trades, unfortunately the girls were completely over it after our tour of the governor’s mansion. At that point, it was only tantrums and tears. I did get a great photo out of it below.

toddler tantrum at colonial Williamsburg

Eating around Colonial Williamsburg

As for food, the website only shows their restaurants, but they are all pricey and not friendly for a family on a budget. We did discover that right at the end of the Colonial Williamsburg avenue there is a lovely avenue of restaurants and stores that has many more options available.

I cannot wait to come back in a few years when the girls are older and we have more days to spend there and really learn all about Americas past.


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