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Waldorf Astoria Orlando Wedding

[ Kathleen + Christian ] Rain Rain Go Away The day didn’t start off as every bride dreams. The weather in Orlando, FL had been very dreary in rainy the entire week. So it came as no surprise when I awoke to clouds and rain the morning of Kathleen and Christians wedding day. I made […]

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Why Hangars Beach is a great location for your family photography session. Our original family photography session was supposed to take placed the day after Christmas. Which would have been great if the weather forecast hadn’t drastically changed within the week before. What was originally supped to be a cool breeze kind of morning turned […]

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January 4, 2023

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Hangar Beach Family Photography

May 10, 2022

And not the one in Westeros If you are like me and tend to spend time on TikTok mindlessly scrolling through your feed, then you you’ve likely heard of Kings Landing. I had dreamed of going the first time I heard about it. But it was located hours from me and I was a full […]

Why You Have to Visit Kings Landing