Styling For Your Photography Session

Photography Session Styling, how do you do it?
Matching outfits? Pastels? Blue? White? Whatever is CLEAN?!?!

Breathe… In… Out… You got this!

Picking out your family’s clothing for a long overdue family photoshoot can be daunting for some, or just another tedious task for you as the matriarch of the family.

Personally, I think anything is fine as long as everyone has on something clean and there is no major fashion faux-pas, like a neon graphic tee among the other family members in matching whites.
But for those that want to make the most of the experience, there are enough options. Let me take your hand on this journey through styling for a photography session.

Sticking to one color – Style in White

Now, some people consider this over done and tacky, but not me (get out of here haters). I really love it. It may be difficult for families with younger kids to pull off, with the high possibility of a spill or fall to ruin a freshly washed white dress. But for the rest of us, it’s a classic look, especially if the scene of the session has enough dark back grounds to give it a beautiful contrast.
And more importantly, we all own white wardrobe items! How freaking easy is that?! If you have a large family photo to organize, its your best bet at getting everyone from baby to grandma to look cohesive.

Bright and Popping Session Style!

Nothing wrong with a pop of color, especially when it coincides with the season! This mom here wanted to match the entire family in Christmas garb and I was living for it! She had the whole family matching right down to her newborn baby. It’s the kind of attention to detail I can only strive for! I found some beautiful red flowers in the area and made sure to capture the family right along side them. 💁🏻‍♀️😎😍

Keep It Cool In Pastels

When choosing a more subdued look, they don’t necessarily have to all be the same color. As long as all the colors complement one another, it can create a dynamic photo with different pops of color that all individually stand out. There are websites that can show you complementing colors, like this one! With the matching colors in mind, you can head to TJMAXX, Target, HM, Abercrombie, just find a place that matches your budget and style.

…Denim Denim Denim…

This look brings me back to Britney and JT, but in the best way. I love a denim look any day of the week, but not in the middle of Summer in Florida. There’s a time and place for everything, and summertime in Florida is not the place for denim. So with that in consideration, this is a great winter time look to style your family. The different shades of denim itself can help different family members pop out and stand out from the lovely bright sand and soft greens of the natural Florida surroundings.

Basically.. There is not real wrong way to look for your session, because at the end of the day, it’s your session. You want to remember your family the way they are. If your brother wants to show up in a Pokemon graphic tee.. *take a deep breathe* .
You just might find that you’ll all laugh about it during and after. It may not be aesthetic, but it’ll capture your family for who they really are.

And isn’t that the whole point?


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