Aruba Family Photoshoot

I Guess This Makes Me a Travel Photographer 💁🏻‍♀️

This is a point that any photographer is over the moon to achieve. Being able to call themselves a ✨ Travel Photographer! ✨ I had to record my first family photoshoot in Aruba!

Now, perhaps I was already on vacation in Aruba (visiting family, which I talk about here). But when the opportunity came to do a family portrait session, I was all over it!

I was contacted by a lovely young lady by the name of Gabriela who wanted to do a fun session with her mother and grandmother while they were on a girls trip. This sounded like a wonderful idea, not to mention super fun!

It was an early morning on one of my last days on the island and the sun was just starting to warm the sand and the cool breeze was still there, but that fresh morning sensation was slowly turning into that paradise heat.

Gabriela and her family were so pleasant to work with. Very social and fun to talk to. We started walking down the beach taking candid walking photos as we made our way to the famous Aruba ‘fofoti tree’.

The tree is borered by crystal clear blue water and some gorgeous black rocks that make for a stunning contrast between the water and sand. It’s quite hard to get ‘bad shots’ here.

The bright sun makes snapping as a high shutter speed and low ISO a breeze!

It rarely rains in Aruba, unlike Central Florida in the summer. We had no worries of a drop of rain ruining our morning session.

As we were finishing up, Gabby spotted a cute hanging tree swing and we made sure to capture a few last shots during our photoshoot there. Below are the final results!


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